>Russian Coast Guard Vessels in Ochamchire

>According to Georgian web site Civil.Ge two Russian coast guard boats have arrived at the Ochamchire harbor in the break away region of Abkhazia.

Georgia wants to block the sea borne trade in Abkhazia in order to force this region to stay in the Georgian republic.

Georgian naval units intercepted more than 20 ships in the Black Sea off Abkhazia in 2009.

Russia announced back in September, that it was going to send own coast guard vessels in order to prevent Georigian coast guard to intercept ships traveling to Abkhazia. Now apprently the first units have arrived in the region.

It is possible that we soon hear small scale naval gun fights between Russian and Georgian coast guard vessels if the tension remains as high as it is now.

2 Responses to >Russian Coast Guard Vessels in Ochamchire

  1. Vinis says:

    >Thanks for this. Interesting. The 20 ships frequently reported does include normal detentions on regular Port State controls, i.e. for technical reasons etc. As far as I know, only four vessels have been held for violating the blockade on Abkhazia. All were Turkish-owned.

  2. Saturn 5 says:

    >Vinis, thank you for the additional information. The whole Caucasian region is a lucrative market for Turkish goods and offers opportunities for Turkish entrepreneurs. Thus there will be many for Turkish ships stirring up the sea

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