>Turkey and Egypt will conduct joint naval exercise

>The exercise Dostluk Denizi 2009 (Sea of Friendship 2009) will be held between 16th and 21st November 2009 in East Mediterranean.

2 frigates, 2 fact attack craft, one support ship, one naval special forces team from Egyptian Navy and 2 frigates, 2 fact attack craft , one corvettes, one submarine, one support ship two patrol boats, one naval special forces team from Turkish Navy will take part in the exercise.

Egyptian defense minister Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi Soliman and Turkish defense minister Vecdi Gönül will attend as observers.

The exact order of battle for this exercise is not clear yet. But I have a strong hunch that at least one of the Egyptian frigates is Perry class. Currently Egyptian navy operates 4 Perry class frigates and is a potential customer for the GENESIS combat management system Turkey has produced.

Some might speculate that by exercising with Egypt instead of Isreal, Turkey is heading towards a different political path. But I speculate that this exercise is a good opportunity to show and to sell the performance of GENESIS.

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