>USS Bataan will visit İzmir

>LHD-5 USS Bataan will visit İzmir between 16th and 19th of November.

She was stationed in Persian Gulf and is returning back to USA. Apparently İzmir will be the only port of liberty on her way back home.

The local businesses are exited about the prospect of receiving more than 20.000 2.000 hard drinking US Marines and sailors.


2 Responses to >USS Bataan will visit İzmir

  1. Anonymous says:

    >Just wanted to put a big "Thank You" for putting it out there the days and where abouts of our sailors and marines. Nothing like messing with security measures for our American troops.

  2. Saturn 5 says:

    >Dear Anonymous,A big "you welcome". The news of the visit of USS Bataan was on the Turkish news portals before I have put it on the internet. Thus ı did not break the news or revealed the secret. Besides how are you intending to hide such a ship docked at the main harbor of a million people city from the bad boys?If coming to Izmir would present a danger I suppose USN would not allowed her to sail here at the first place right?

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