>Turkey Navy caught 5 pirates red handed

According to the website of Turkish General Staff, today frigate TCG Gediz, her on board helicopter and the embarked naval special forces team in a joint operation prevented the high jacking of M/V Theofors.

On 5th November 2009, 70 miles off the coast of Yemen in side IRTC, the Panama flagged, Greek owned M/V Theofors reported that she was under attack by pirates armed with AK-47’s and PRG-7’s.

TCG Gediz responded to the incident and stooped the skiff with 5 pirates after a series of warning shots and dynamic maneuvering.

The naval special forces captured the skiff with 5 pirates on board. 3 AK-47’s 1 FN-FAL, 1 RPG-7, 4 RPG-7 rounds, 3 AK-47 magazines and hooks.

This is one of the rare instances when the pirates are caught before they get rid of their weapons. Pirates usually ditch their weapons when they realized that they cannot escape from detention so there is less evidence against them.

With this latest arrest, the total of captured pirates by Turkish Navy increased to 29.

Photos are from Turkish General Staff website.

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