>2. Naval Systems Seminar (Updated)

>On 12th October 2009 the Second Naval Systems Seminar will convene in Ankara.

The first seminar organized in October 2008, was an important event, as it was first event of such kind about naval equipment and weapons systems.

This year’s seminar will be held on 12th October 2009, in Middle East Technical University, Culture & Convention Center. This years main sponor is Aselsan. Following companies are also sponsoring this year’s event: Ayesaş, Desan Tersanesi, Figes, Havelsan, Meteksan Savunma, Rohde & Schwarz, Saab Selex Transas-Ratelmak, Tübitak Mam, Tübitak Uekae, Türk Loydu and Yaltes. Furthermore the following companies will have a stand: Artı Denizcilik, Aeromarıtıme, Anova, Defence-Turkey, Katron, Lobel Teknoloji, Mikro Bilgi, Odtü-Biltir and Rheinmetall-Ad (Ocag).

Turkish naval shipbuilding is burgeoning. The purpose of this seminar is to create synergies and collaboration between industry, universities, research institutions SMEs and end user and acquisition authorities. This seminar is expected to add a momentum to the ongoing important ship building projects such as Milgem, New Type Patrol Boat etc.

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