>Kieler U-Boots

>I am sorry for the non existing blogging last week. I was on a vacation and did not have regular access to the internet.

But I hope these latest photos, that I have taken in Kiel are worth of your waiting.

This S-185, U-35 of the German Navy. She is a Type 212A class AIP capable boat. She was launched this year but she is still under construction.

This is S-171 Arpao of Portugese Navy. She is a Type 209PN class submarine. Despite her type she has more in common with a Type 214 submarine than a regular Type 209. She is scheduled for commissioning in 2011.

This is the Papanikolis. The first ever Type 214. She was build for Greek Navy and was launched in 2004. But Greek Navy refused to commission her because of technical problems. Since than she has come a problem between HDW and Greek Navy.
More photos from Kiel will follow.

2 Responses to >Kieler U-Boots

  1. >Sad to see such an advanced boat in such a lonely shape…

  2. Anonymous says:

    >ıf you think that HDW is going to build 2 more boats for Israel the Papanikolis is certainly a menace for the yard. She sits on the pier and renders a considerable aboumt of space useless.

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