>Bulgarian Navy Celebrates Its 130th Birthday and Takes Command of Blackseafor

>Last weekend on 9th August 2009, Bulgaria celebrated its Navy’s 130 birthday.

According to the news reports, the ceremonies started with the ritual for the raising of the flag of the Bulgarian naval forces, followed by the handing of the diplomas of the graduates of the Bulgarian Naval Academy.

Bulgarians have plenty to celebrate. They have transformed theirs navy consisting of old and rusting ex-Soviet ships to a navy that is %100 NATO compatible in a very short time. And this was achieved with very modest economical resources.

On the same day in a different ceremony, Bulgaria took over the command of the Black Sea Naval Cooperation Task Group (BLACKSEAFOR) from Ukraine. Bulgaria will hold the rotating command for a year and will then turn it over to Georgia.

The frigate Smeli will be the flagship of the task force. Ropucha-I class LST Caesar Kunikov from Russia’s Black Sea Fleet arrived on Thursday to the Bulgarian port of Varna to take part in the 14th Blackseafor naval drills.

If Russian news report are to believe, Georgia will not take part in this activation of BlackSeaFor. Russians are stating that they will not take part in any naval exercise if Georgia is a participant. I beg to differ. I have seen with my own eyes (Mk-1) that both Russian and Georgian participants in the Black Sea Partnership Exercise 2009. And I have the proof. The political tensions between Russia and Georgia are again high. This is understandable as last weekend was the first anniversary of their short Caucasian War. The wounds are still fresh.

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