>Turkish Bulker Horizon-1 high jacked

>I wanted to write something about CTF-151 and its contribution to the fight against piracy. But instead I am writing about Turkish bulker Horizon-1 that was high-jacked By Somalian pirates in the Gulf of Aden.

She was carrying 33.000 metric tons of sulphur ore from Saudi Arabia to Jordan. She was high jacked at 08:15 in the morning at Turkish local time. She has 23 crew on board.

According to Turkish maritime portals the ships send out a distress signal to the Turkish frigate TCG Gediz, when she was attacked. TCG Gediz dispatched her on board helicopter. The pirates were already on board when the helicopter arrived at 08:29.

There are at least 3 pirates on board of M/V Horizon-1 and she is heading to Eyl, Somalia.

She is the first ship that was high jacked after 40 days time.

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