>CTF-151 helped to twart an attack to a Turkish ship

>Turkish Navy announced that Turkish frigate F-491 TCG Giresun, currently attached to CTF-151 helped a Turkish merchantman under attack 700 miles away.

Turkish flagged M/V Gökcan was attacked by pirates on 10 June 2009 off the coast of east Oman. While initiating evasive maneuvers and increasing speed the ship notified Turkish authorities that she was under attack.

TCG Giresun attached to CTF-151 was 700 miles away at that time. But she has contacted other coalition forces in the vicinity of M/V Gökcan.

Spanish frigate from NATO’s SMNG-1, F-503 SPS Blas De Lezo, the nearest warship to M/V Gökcan send her helicopter to provide distant support.

According to Turkish Navy M/V Gökcan is out of the danger area and is continuing her cruise safely.

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