>FFG-7 user symposium

>In May, The Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) of USN has hosted a symposium for the all FFG-7 Perry class users. All current Perry users, Australia, Bahrain, Egypt, Poland, Spain, Taiwan and Turkey, all of which were represented at the symposium along with USN.

USN has 30 FFG-7 frigates, Turkey 8, Spain 6, Australia 4, Taiwan 8, Egypt 4, Poland 2, Bahrain 1.

According to NAVSEA, the FFG 7 symposium allowed user navies to review options to guarantee these ships remain combat relevant and cost-effective throughout their service lives.

Of the 8 user nations Australia and Turkey have major upgrade programmes for their ships underway. Such organisations could be a good way to boost the export potential of GENESIS combat management system, now co-marketed with US company Raytheon.

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