>Efes 2009 Military Exercise

>Efes 2009 military exercise is continuing in Doğanbey, İzmir. The exercise has started in 6th May and will continue till 29th May.

The annual Efes exercises are usually conducted, with live ammunition, in late spring early summer in Doğanbey region that has a beach were amphibious landings are practised. The multinational Egemen 2009 exercies was also executed in this region, in March.

On the press day, a small scale amphibious landing was conducted by two LCM and various smaller boats, followed by airial bombing of F-4 and F-16 planes and AH-1W attack helicopters. 35 military attaches from 31 countries watched today’s action.

3 brigade headquarters, 4 motorized battalions, 1 tank battalion, 4 artillery battalions, 27 helicopters and 40 boats from Land Forces Command, 3 marine infantry battalions, 46 different ships and 1 helicopters from Naval Forces Command, 56 combat, 3 transport aircraft from Air Forces Command, a total of 6.605 personnel has participated in this exercise.

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Photo: Anadolu Ajansı

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