>The Logbook of the Ottoman Navy-Ships, Legends and Sailors

UPDATE:If you have arrived at this blog via the link at gCaptain.com, kindly note that my post about this exihibition is from 2009. The exhibition is over a very long time ago.


Last weekend I have visited a new exhibition at the Pera Museum in Istanbul. Pera Museum is one of the private museums that has helped to enrich the cultural life in this town.
This exhibition called “The Logbook of Ottoman Navy: Ships, Legends, Sailors” is about the Ottoman Navy from 16th till 20th century. All of the objects in this exhibition are on loan from Istanbul Naval Museum as this is under a comprehensive renovation. The chosen objects and the paintings can give a visitor a good idea about the topic. This is the first (I am not counting the existing and permanent exhibitions at the Istanbul Naval Museum)of a private museum in Turkish about seafaring and naval warfare. It is a good sign. It means that naval warfare and sailors have been started to be found culturally interesting.

“The Logbook of the Ottoman Navy-Ships, Legends and Sailors” exhibition, curated by Ekrem Işık, chairman of the Istanbul Research Institute Ottoman Enquiries Department, will stay open until 4 October.

Photo: from Pera Museum website.


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