>Commanders of Black Sea Navies have met in Varna

> The commanders of the Black Sea navies have gathered in Varna Bulgaria for the “Black Sea Naval Forces Commander Committee Meeting” on 22 May 2009.

On a ceremony held on board of the Turkish frigate F-495 TCG Gediz, Admiral Ataç presented the commanders with the BlackSeaFor Medal in appreciation of their countries collaboration into BlackSeaFor.

Among the participants were Admiral Minko Kavaciev from Bulgaria, Capitan 1st Class, Besik Shengelia from Georgia, Admiral Dorin Danila from Romania, and Admiral Aleksandar Kletskov on behalf of Admiral Vladimir Visotski from Russia and Admiral Igor Tenyug from Ukraine.

I think, to have the naval commander of Georgia and the commander of Russian Black Sea Fleet at the same time at the same ship for the same ceremony, is a significant diplomatic success. In less than a year ago these countries were in a shooting war and their relation are not good at the present either.

If the naval commanders of all Black Sea navies can come together despite their nations problems with each other and discuss how to fight against smuggling of weapons of mass destruction, international terrorism, drug and human trafficking it means that intentions are true and honest. This gathering is also a testimony of the soft-power skills of Turkish Navy.

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