>How do you spell "Copyright" in Greek?

>Well. When I write to my blog or publish photos I share them with the whole wide world. I want my writings to be read, to be discussed, and to be commented. I want the photos I publish to be looked at. And I expect, rightfully to be acknowledged as the source of information if some is going to use my writings or my photos on their websites. This is the right way to do things. This is also the netiquette.

But this is not what I want. On Monday (13th April) I have put some information about the multinational naval exercise Egemen 2009 executed in March 2009. A Dutch participant, showed the courtesy to share some photos he had taken during the exercise. From these photos I have completed a list of the participating ships and put in on my blog with some photos.

The next day, editors of the Greek defense portal defencenet.gr found this information useful. They have cut-pasted the photos and some of the information directly from my blog to their website.

So far, so good. But apparently these gentlemen were ashamed to give credit for this information to my blog. Therefore they have omitted this critical information and pretended as if this was their success and their story.

Click here to see the imposting page in English, and here in Greek.

This is not the first time that the defence press in Greece uses my photos from my webpage without my information or consent.

Last year in August a Greek magazine called Defence Bible published by now notorious Defencenet Media printed a photo of a Turkish minesweeper I have taken and posted in my webpage.

I guess old habits die hard. By the way; how do you spell copyright in Greek?

5 Responses to >How do you spell "Copyright" in Greek?

  1. Anonymous says:

    >Instead of whining, have you tried something more practical, like emailing them to remove the pics, or add a reference remark? Or did you and they said no?On the other hand, you know, internet is vast, it’s not necessary that they visited your blog to get the pictures. A picture on the net is reproduced in the light of speed, you should know that. One cannot know where a pic was published in the VERY first place. Best regards.

  2. Saturn 5 says:

    >I am not whining. I am just exposing a company that made a habbit of using photos without crediting me as the source and without asking me.

  3. Anonymous says:

    >google "pictureshark" a very nice & easy little program to mark your pictures ;)cheers from Greece!btw.. it's "Πνευματική Ιδιοκτησία" (copyright) ;)

  4. Saturn 5 says:

    >Efaristo para poly.

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