>Egemen 2009 Part-2

>The multinational naval exercise Egemen 2009 is over but information about this exercise keeps popping up.

According to the photos, I have been send, by one of the participants in this exercise, following naval units has been identified:

A-386 RFA Fort Austin
A-390 RFA Wave Ruler
DDG-57 USS Mitscher
F-241 TCG Turgutreis
F-49X TCG G class
F-50X TCG B class
L-12 HMS Ocean
L-15 HMS Bulwark
L-125 TCG Osman Gazi
L-800 HrMs Rotterdam
L-801 HrMs Johan De Witt
L-3007 RFA Lyme Bay
L-3008 RFA Mounts Bay
P-326 TCG Pelikan
P-344 TCG Rüzgar
P-346 TCG Gurbet
P-349 TCG Karayel

The roster of amphibious ships is impressive: 1 x LPH; 4 x LPD, 2 x LSD, 1 x LST and numerous smaller landing craft.

Turkish Navy is planing to operate at least one LPD class amphibious ships in the future. The acquisition process for such a ship is running. The Navy wishes to have one ship that is capable to transport and logistically support minimum one battalion size force. The shipyards interested in this project have submitted their answers to the RFI. Currently the RFP is being prepared.

Turkish Navy never operated any amphibious warships bigger than a LST. LPD’s are very different warships and a whole new concept for the navy. The Turkish Navy is eager to learn how to operate, maintain, load, unload such ships. The logistical job to keep a ship with so many sailors and soldiers, with so many equipment is more or less a science for itself.

Therefore I am sure that the exercise Egemen was regarded as an important learning tool by the Turkish Navy and any lessons learned will be analysed. And I hope that the results coming from these analyses will be incorporated in the new amphibious operation doctrine of the Turkish Navy and in the coming RFP for the LPD.

Special thanks for the photos to: Niel Schenk

4 Responses to >Egemen 2009 Part-2

  1. Huseyin says:

    >I noticed that some so called Greek defense magazine shamelessly copied your pictures and list and put them on their website without referring to you. You know which magazine I’m refering to in turkish, it is savunmanet.gr, just replace savunma with English word.

  2. Huseyin says:

    >and I forget to mention that they brag about they are the first to present these pictures in their country, and the pictures are less impressive. Well, I tell the Greek magazine at least be fair and cite the source.

  3. Saturn 5 says:

    >Huseyin:Many thanks for the information.This is not the first time that some Greek defence magazine shamelessly copied information or photos from my websites and does not mention me as the creator of this information.

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