>Noble Manta 2009 ended

>Today the biggest NATO ASW exercise Noble Manta ended. The final press relase for the exercise can be read here.

Commander Submarines, Allied Naval Forces South;Rear Admiral Leidig stated:

“Noble Manta confirmed this year to be a vital tool to maintain and improve allied interoperability in all the aspects of modern warfare that involve the use of submarines or the defence against them. The exercise has seen the submarines – working with and against naval and air forces – conducting their full range of potential missions, from enforcement of maritime embargoes to surveillance operations like those they routinely conduct also in support of the fight against terrorism.”

This statement of Admiral Leidig shows that the submarines has become more than just a tool to sink ships stealthly. Enforcment of maritime embargoes for example was a surface force job. The importance of surveillance operations are getting higher at submarine force every day. For many naives the subs are ideal tools for secret observations, and data gathering.

Leidig also added, “The participation of Air Independent Propulsion submarines has been an important ‘first’ for this exercise series, as it has provided an opportunity to employ in a multinational environment the greater underwater endurance of conventionally powered submarines of the latest generation.”

The emphasis is mine. I wonder that leassons are learnt by the use of AIP submarines and how these leasson are reflected to the daily operations of submarines.

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