>TCG Giresun is off to join CTG-151


Today with a big cheer and with some tears in the eyes F-491 TCG Giresun sailed from her homeport.

Usually Turkish warships leave and return to their ports quietly. Only the family members know when their loved ones has left or has arrived. But this time it was a big media event. I suppose that this big fanfare has something to do with Turkey’s election as a temporary member of UN Security Council.

It is now official that TCG Giresun will be a part of the US-led CTF-151. This fact was told for the first time by the spokesman for Turkish General Staff Gen. Gürak last friday. It was obvious that Turkish participation was going to be into the CTF-151 and that EU led “Operation Atalanta” was from political reasons, off limit. But the fact that Turkey was going to join to a US led operation was never clearly and openly admitted or spoken during the public debate in parliament.

The commander of TCG Giresun, Captain Dalkılıç told in this speech, that there were 32 officers, 159 petty officers and 72 enlisted personnel on board. This is 44 more than the official numbers of Turkish Navy. The difference is a result of the special forces teams and other extra personnel of board.

Here is photo of some of the weapons the special forces are taking with them. It is interesting that RPG-7, a favorite of Somalian pirates was chosen by Turkish special forces teams as well. May be this weapon is really suitable for such conditions.

The ship carries at least one AB-212 ASW helicopter.

As seen here a machine gun of Russian origin was installed on a door mount. This is not a standard procedure of Turkish Navy.

As always “Goodbye” seems to be the hardest word to say. TCG Giresun will start her patrol on 25th February and will stay in the region for 4 months.

Source for photos: Hürriyet

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