>Another Yasa ship almost hijacked

>The Saudi frigate 812 Al-Riyadh modified La Fayette class stooped and pirate attack on a Turkish merchant ship. The attacked ship, M/V Yasa Seyhan belongs to Yasa Shipping company.

On 30th October M/V Yasa Neslihan was hijacked by pirates and was released after the payment of the ransom. If Yasa Seyhan has been hijacked it would be second ship to be hijacked from the same company.

This is interesting. Are the pirates changing their tactics in face of increasing naval forces? Are they targeting ships of the companies that have already paid ransom once?


2 Responses to >Another Yasa ship almost hijacked

  1. Vanis says:

    >Thank you very much for this news. However, Yasa denies that this took place (among other places in Lloyds List). It is the only attack reported for that day and the first time the S.A. releases anything on foiling attempts – a thing that other navies have been more than eager to do, also in cases where the “pirate attacks” have been more than doubtful. An interesting case, alltogether.

  2. Saturn 5 says:

    >Yes, I have read the news on Lloyds List today. There was also a denial on a Turkish maritime portal as well. Most probably the story is not true. But it would be a very interesting situation if another Yasa ship has been hijacked.

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