>Last week Russian navy conducted exercises with Turkish Navy.

This would hardly be in the news, if the participating Russian ships would come from Black Sea Fleet and if the exercise was held in the Black Sea.

But, this latest exercise was held in the Mediterranean and the Russian participants came all the way from the Barents Sea.

First part of the exercise was a simulated search and rescue operations at sea. The second part was a ship to ship of goods and fuel.

The Turkish navy is very strong and has deep traditions. We’ve sharpened our inter-operational ability with them. And now we are ready to tackle almost any task togetherRussia Today quoted ship commander Sergey Okhrenchuk as saying. (Emphasis is not mine)

After the manoeuvres the Turkish ships TCG Gemlik, TCG Fırtına, TCG Gurbet and TCG Kasırga returned to Aksaz Naval base and the Russian ships which includes the aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov, the Udaloy class destroyer Admiral Levchenko and the tug Nikolay Chiker continued their its voyage towards Syria.

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