>Turkish Straits Key to Georgian Crisis

>Here is my latest article, as published on December issue of Warship International Fleet Review magazine:

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4 Responses to >Turkish Straits Key to Georgian Crisis

  1. Anonymous says:

    >Thanks for the historical perspective of the role Turkey gets tossed into as being a Nato member and wanting to get along with it’s neighbors.

  2. Saturn 5 says:

    >Managing Montreux was never easy for Turkey as you couldn’t always please everybody. But I think this is a price you have to be prepared to pay if you sit on these straits.

  3. saladin says:

    >As always, a very good article Devrim. You posted in your blog before that US is rotating her ships in the black sea. Do you plan to write an article on possible future developments there? Will we see constant US presence there from now on? Did something similar happen before (for example during the cold war era or second world war)? I’m also wondering what happens if a non-black sea country keeps her ship(s) more than 21 days. Perhaps you can answer some of these questions in a future article.

  4. Gökalp says:

    >Tebrikler :)

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