>TCSG-307 and her sales drive

>On 26 January 2007, Turkish Coast Guard commissioned the fast response boat TCSG-307. The boat, locally know as MRTP-33 class, was designed and build by Turkish Yonca-Onuk shipyard. Although there are 7 similar boats in service, the TCSG-307 is unique. She is the only vessel that has STAMP remote controlled stabilized gun platform installed.

In April 2007, TCSG-307 was stationed in Hopa the most eastern harbor of Turkey on Black Sea coast. This town is approximately 15km away from Georgian border.

In May 2007 in accordance with Black Sea Littoral States Border/Coast Guard Agencies Forum Turkish Coast Guard visited Georgia. TCSG-307 the nearest boat to the Georgian border was selected for this visit. During the 4 day visit search and rescue exercises were conducted.

Commander of Gerogian Border Guard Lieutenant General David Gulua visited the vessel on 30 May and watched the exercise on board with The Commander of Turkish Coast Guard Admiral Can Erenoğlu. TCSG-307 was shown to the guest. And according to Turkish Coast Guard Magazine’s August 2007 issue, Lieutenant General David Gulua was very impressed with the STAMP Gun platform, used the systems remote control and tracked the targets by himself.

So far so good. For me the interesting part of the whole story is what happened afterwards. Apparently Georgian high ranking officials were very much impressed with the Turkish boat and gun platform so that they have ordered two similar boats with and upgraded gun platform after two months. The vessels were delivered to Georgia in 2008 and miraculously they survived the Russo- Georgian war in August 2008.

I believe that the whole story is a very good example of the soft power use of military and how it can help to the sales drive of the nation’s armed industry.

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