>TCG Gökova deters pirate attacks

>Turkish frigate F-496 TCG Gökova was in the media again. This time her fame was limited with the local Turkish media.

She was last heard of when she left with MV As Salaam the port of Mombassa on 20 November with a load of 11,000 tons of humanitarian aids. According to NATO TCG Gökova escorted the merchantmen for 7 days. On 27 November the escort duty was assumed by the Italian destroyer Durand de la Penne, until arrival at Berbera.

The distance between Mombasa and Berbera is at least 1.700 nautical miles. If the trip lasted 7 days, this means that the merchantman was making approximately 10 knots speed. Well it is not surprising why WFP asked for NATO’s help in securing the food deliveries. MV As Sallam carrying 11,000 tons of food (which can be sold for a good profit on land) and making a mere 10 knots must be very mouth-watering target.

Yesterday (5th December 2008) Gen. Metin Gürak, Head of Turkish General Staff Press Department informed the reporters that on 4th December TCG Gökova and her helicopter prevented several possible pirate attacks.

First call for help come from merchantman MV Sattar at 07:45 Turkish local time. The ship informed that she was harassed by 15 high speed boats. TCG Gökova dispatched her AB-212 ASW helicopter to the ship in need. When the helicopter arrived at the scene at 08:13 the speed boats left without hesitation.

According to Gen Gürak on the same day calls for help came at 13:07 from passenger ship Costa Europe, at 13:13 from MV Kostak; at 13:50 from MV Pedulas and at 14:17 MV Brilliant. Thus the frigate speeded to the location of these ships. Gen Gürak informed that a dhow probably used as a mother ship for pirates was deterred.

I know that the word “deterred” does not mean much in this context. I can make only an educated guess. As TCG Gökova is part of SNMG-2 and is under NATO’s mandate and ROE she does not have a permission to open fire yet. Thus the best she can do is to arrive at the scene, show flag and force and “deter” the pirates.

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  1. Vanis says:

    >Interesting! Could you provide a link to the original source, if possible? Thank you.

  2. Saturn 5 says:

    >Hi Vanis, this is the link for the original news, but it is in Turkish.http://www.milliyet.com.tr/Guncel/HaberDetay.aspx?aType=HaberDetay&ArticleID=1025363

  3. Vanis says:

    >Thank you very much!

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