>TCG Gökova reappears, on BBC

>To find the whereabouts of Turkish frigate TCG Gökova was becoming almost an obsession for me. After passing through the Suez Canal in October she has kind of disappeared from the public view.

After Somali pirates hijacked two Turkish owed ships the rumors about TCG Gökova become wilder in the local news. First it was reported in the local media that she was following the hijacked Turkish ships. Later it was reported that she has left SNMG-2 in a protest as NATO ships did not prevent the hijacking of second Turkish merchantman. It was also reported that her special forces detachment was reinforced.

In the meantime Turkish Navy and Turkish General Staff declined to make any comment and the shed some light to the reality.

Now, TCG Gökova is again in the news and this time it is big. A BBC TV team was on board as she escorted one of the ships of WFP. BBC posted the news on her website on 21th November 2008. On the same day NATO posted a photo of TCG Gökova and released the news that she and the Greek frigate were escorting a total of three ships from Kenya to Somalia.

Armed with this information Turkish journalists asked Gen. Metin Gurak, General Staff press department head whether naval special forces team on board of TCG Gökova was going to stage any rescue operations against the hijacked Turkish ships. Gen Metin Gürak said according to the press that TCG Gökova was in the region as a part of SNMG-2 and doing what it was necessary to do. He also said that TCG Gökova was to say in the area until 5th December 2008. Then she would be replaced by another Turkish frigate.

Once again the most accurate and reliable information about the operations of Turkish naval forces come from abroad and once again the wild news, prophecies and rumors of local media turned out to be wrong.

Link to first BBC Video

Link to second BBC Video

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