>Visitors from a distant place


Two South Korean warships are in Istanbul for a official visit. Chun Lee 57 logistics support ship and Daejoyoung 977 a KDx-2 class destroyer
Escoorting them is one of the training ships of Turkish Navy A-597 TCG Cezayirli Gazi Hasan Paşa

According to the news these ships are on a training cruise. It seems that these sailors missed the big International Fleet Review back at home. The ships will leave on 24th October 2008.
In the last few years the military cooperation between to countries increased considerably. South Korean companies played a critical role in development of Fırtına self propelled howitzer. Fırtına is locally designed and produced but important key part are made of South Korea.
South Korea also plays a critical role for the indigenous Turkish National Main Battle Tank Project Altay.

Back in 2006, Turkey sold a simulator for CN-235 cargo planes used by South Korean Air Force.

This visit may be just a regular stop in the training cruise. This visit may also be a sales pitch. There are a couple ongoing naval projects in Turkey where a cooperation may be possible.
The development of a torpedo using Turkish sonar and signal processing units and components of South Korean Blue Shark is one of the few that comes to my mind.

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