>Perry frigates in Turkish Navy


According to some unconfirmed news Turkish Navy decided no the take the two additional Perry class frigates. GEORGE PHILIP (FFG–12) and SIDES (FFG–14) were granted to Turkey under “Naval Vessel Transfer Act of 2007”.

Currently there are 8 Perry class frigates in service. These make the backbone of Turkish Navy along with 8 German design MEKO 200 frigates. Since their commissioning in Turkish Navy the Perry’s are almost under constant modernization.

The first phase of the modernization was the lengthening of the ships. Initially all 8 ships transferred from USN were the short hull version. The short hulled ships were not able to operate the SH-70B Seahawk helicopters. These helicopters must approach the landing deck direct from the astern of the ship and the capstans and other mooring aids located astern, prevented this maneuver. The solution USN found was to lengthening the ship by 3 meters and relocate the capstans.

This cosmetical operation was done to all Turkish Perry frigates at the Gölcük Naval Shipyard in early 2000’ies. Now all frigates are able to operate SH-70B Seahawk.

The second phase of the modernization was the GENESIS Project. Derived from Turkish name of the project (Gemi Entegre Savaş İdare Sistemi – Ship Integrated Combat Management System ) GENESIS means in a way a second life for the Perry frigates. The aim of this project is to update the CIC of these frigates, replace all legacy consoles and displays with modern multifunction operator consoles. More importantly with the implementation of GENESIS all existing sensors and weapon systems of these frigates will be able to communicate with each other. F-492 TCG Gemlik was the first ship to receive the GENESIS system. She was handed over to Turkish Navy in May 2007. since then
F-491 TCG Giresun and F-490 TCG Gaziantep also received the GENESIS suite.

The third phase of the modernization will be the installation of MK 41 (VLS) Baseline VII tactical modules to 4 Perry class frigates. The VLS will enable Perry frigates to use RIM-162 Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile. Currently the existing weapon control systems cannot handle ESSM and need an upgrade as well.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    >UPDATE: The Turkish Navy has been using 2 OHP Frigates as Test beds for its 5,500 Ton ASW Frigate program. Thus, new sensors are being used on these two OHP frigates. In addition, to this Turkey, intends to update the OHP Radars so that it can use ESSM.

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