>NATO warships reach Somali waters

>According to a CNN news, SNMG-2 ships have arrived off the coast of Somali to help in the battle against pirates in the region.

“We are so delighted with the arrival of those NATO ships into our waters and they have our full consent to fight against the pirates,” said Somali Prime Minister Nur Hassan Hussein Sunday.

More than 60 ships have been attacked by Somali pirates in the Gulf of Aden this year alone, and the estimated amount of ransoms paid is between $18 million to $30 million.Much of this money is used to finance the internal wars in the region.

NATO played an important role as a peacekeeping an stabilization force in the Balkans. But all these mission were on ground. This is first time NATO naval forces are deployed to prevent illegal activities on the sea. The success of SNMG-2 will determine whether naval task forces will be used as peacekeeping/stabilization/police force in off the coast of failed states.

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