>Noble Midas 08

>Without much fanfare or public announcements NATO has stater ted its biggest annual maritime exercise: Noble Midas 08 (NMS 08)

Fifteen NATO nations will participate NMS 08 from 26 September until 10 October 2008 in the Central Mediterranean.

The purpose of NMS 08 is to provide training focused on NATO Response Force (NRF) missions to maritime forces that will be allocated to the NRF in 2009 for its 12th rotation, as well as to other NATO maritime forces. NMS 08 will also exercise, evaluate and improve integrated tactical maritime operations at Task Force (TF) level, related to relevant NRF missions. For more information click here.

Turkish Navy will participate with F-496 TCG Gökova and M-262 TCG Enez plus with an unnamed submarine.

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