>Simrad Sonar chosen for Turkish new type patrol boats


Kongsberg Maritime AS, a wholly owned Kongsberg Gruppen ASA company specialising in development of high end hydroacoustic technology has signed a contract with the Turkish company HAVELSAN A.S.for delivery of Simrad SP92MKII commercial sonars to the New Type Patrol Boat Project for the Turkish Naval Forces Command.

The contract, valued at approx. 30 MNOK is for 16 boats and was won in an open international competition. Delivery is scheduled from 2009 until 2014. The new patrol boats are being built by main contractor Dearsan Shipbuilding Yard whilst HAVELSAN A.S. is employed as the main sub contractor for the Combat Systems.

HAVELSAN is a Software and Systems Company developing global solutions in Defense and IT industries. HAVELSAN develops its core competencies in C4ISR, Simulation and Training Simulators and Information Management Systems. It has become an informatics and systems house in Turkey in the era of knowledge. Starting from the early 2000s, HAVELSAN has had an important place in international markets as well as in the domestic market.

The Simrad SP92MKII and the Simrad SX90 sonars are the third generation Simrad SP70/90 sonars that were first introduced to the market in 1997. This generation of Simrad sonars is the most sophisticated and up-to-date available in the market and competes with military specified sonars on specifications and performance at a fraction of the cost.

The Simrad SP92MKII and the Simrad SX90 are stabilized multi frequency sonar with 11 operating frequencies from 20 to 30 kHz, with detection range of more than 3000 meters. They use hyperbolic frequency modulated transceiver technology giving a noise free picture and higher picture details than CW or standard FM transceiver technology. The sonar hull unit with 120 cm hoist length will withstand a vessel speed of 24 knots fully extended.

18 September 2008


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