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My captured picture

This is Italian warship D-551 ITS Audace. Armed with a 127mm main gun 4 76mm secondary guns, Sea Sparrow and SM-1 Standard anti-air missiles and Otomat anti ship missiles she was a deadly ship. This photo is probably taken in 1992.


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My captured picture

To celebrate the Bastille Day, I am posting the photo of  the French T-53 class destroyer D-633 FS Duperre. This photo was taken in 1989.

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My captured picture

This weeks photo feature the Falkland War veteran F-90 HMS Briliant. She served in the Brazilian Navy 8 years in addition to her service in RN of 18 years.

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My captured picture

This is Soviet replenishment tanker Berezina, making a northbound passage through Bosphorus. This photo was taken in August 1991.

Centennial Of Turkish Naval Aviation (Part 2)

CDY_7349 kopya

3 AB-212 helicopters in formation flight.

CDY_7345 kopya

3 SH-70 Seahawk helicopters in formation flight.

DSC_2654 kopya

3 TB-20 planes in formation flight.

DSC_2638 kopya

3 CN-235 ASW planes in formation flight.

DSC_2619 kopya

A member of Turkish naval special forces about to finish his parachute jump from a helicopter.

DSC_2618 kopya

A member of Turkish naval special forces about to finish his parachute jump from a helicopter.

DSC_2558 kopya

A four man team of Turkish naval special forces fast roping from a hovering SH-70 Seahawk.

CDY_7210 kopya

Sonobuoy launchers on a CN-235 ASW plane.

CDY_7050 kopya

A Penguin anti ship missile training round.

CDY_7046 kopya

Hellfire missile training rounds.

CDY_7047 kopya

A Mk-54 torpedo training round.

DSC_1895 kopya

A CN-235 ASW plane and her crew.

This is the second part of the photos, that I took during the the celebrations of the Centennial of Turkish Naval Aviation.

Click here for the first part.

Centennial Of Turkish Naval Aviation

CDY_7042 kopya

“One Century In Two Blue” is the motto for the celebrations of the Centennial of Turkish Naval Aviation.

Cengiz Topel Naval Air Base in Izmit, Kocaeli was open to the public on 22 June 2014 for the celebrations.

One ATR-72 MTU, one CN-235 ASW, one TB-20 Trinidad planes and one SH-60 Seahawk ASW, one AB-212 ASuW helicopters from Turkish Navy and one CN-235 MPA plane and one AB-412 EP helicopter were on static display. There was also one simulated rescue operation with Turkish Naval Special Forces teams.  One team fast roped from the one SH-60 Seahawk, while the other team jumped with parachutes from a high flying helicopter.

One ATR-72 MTU, 3 CN-235 ASW, 3 TB-20 Trinidad planes and 3 SH-60 Seahawk and 3 AB-212 ASW/ASuW helicopters performed an impressive  flyover.

Turkish Navy has 24 Sehawk, 11 AB-212 helicopters and 6 CN-235 ASW planes in its inventory.

TCB44 kopya
TCB52 kopya
TCB52_1 kopya
TCB602 kopya
TCB652_1 kopya
TCB652 kopya
TCB701_1 kopya
TCB701 kopya
TCSG505 kopya
TCSG551 kopya

Click here for the second part.

SNMG-2 Is Back In Istanbul

Almost one year later, the Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 is in Istanbul again.

According to NATO Maritime Command web site the SNMG 2 is made up from the following ships: F-105 SPS Cristobal Colon as flagship, F-247 TCG Kemalreis, FFG-50 USS Taylor, 334 HMCS Regina and A-630 FS Marne. The task force, without the US and French warships arrived in Istanbul on 19 June 2014 afternoon.

The big question is where it will sail when their port visit is over? To the Black Sea or to the Mediterranean?

F247 kopya

F-247 TCG Kemalreis. Turkish contribution to SNMG-2. Last year her sister F-246 TCG Salihreis was with the task force.

F105 kopya

F-105 Cristobal Colon. Most if not all Álvaro de Bazán class ships served as the flagships of SNMG for in turn during the Spanish command of the task force.

334 kopya

Long time no see: A Canadian warship in Istanbul. FFH-334 HMCS Regina.

DSC_1751 kopya

F-105 Cristobal Colon. The flagships of SNMG.

DSC_1821 kopya

US made Bushmaster as CIWS instead of indigenous Meroka!? What was the reason for this decision? space or weight limitations or performance issues?

F105_1 kopya

F-105 Cristobal Colon. The flagships of SNMG.

CDY_7003 kopya

FFH-334 HMCS Regina. The side of the funnel is an unusual place to install Sea Sparrow SAM missiles.

DSC_1804 kopya

FFH-334 HMCS Regina.

334_1 kopya

FFH-334 HMCS Regina.

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My captured picture

This is French frigate D-603 Suffren with her unique DRBI23 3D radar radome on top of her pilot house. This photo was taken in October 1991.

From The Archive (1)

My captured picture

This is the first post of a new feature I would like to share.

Now I have the opportunity to digitize my archive of film negatives. Thus I can easily upload and share the photos of warships I have taken before the digital age of photography.

Every week I will post a warship from my archive, long decommissioned from service and probably ended in a break yard or used as a target.

So the first post of the new feature I have selected a photo of CG-26 USS Belknap as the flagship of US 6th Fleet. This photo was taken in October 1991.

Turkish Warships On Bosphorus

The last few days we were able to witness a couple of Turkish warships on Bosphorus.


A-579 TCG Cezayirli Hasan Paşa Photo: Yörük Işık. Used with permission.

The Rhein class tender, A-579 TCG Cezayirli Hasan Paşa is a ship with many missions. She and her sister TCG Sokullu Mehmet Paşa are used for the training cruises of midshipmen of Turkish Naval Academy. The two ships are also employed as flagships of fleets when necessary. TCG Cezayirli Hasan Paşa was the flag ship of NATO’s SNMCMG-2 in 2012.


TCG Ç-138

TCG Ç-138 is one of the 13 landing craft build in 80′sand 90′s. The older landing craft is being replaced by the newer generation which is almost 10 knots faster than these old workhorses.


P-305 TCG Ağ-5

TCG Ağ-5 stated her life as a boom vessel in 1960. She was constructed in Germany by US funding for Turkish Navy. Since anti submarine nets are soo out dated this ship is used for miscellaneous duties.


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