Fishing Wars, Aegean Style (Part 2)

The fishing wars in Northern Aegean goes on. Today a new video was released showing a dog fight (I don’t know if this is a correct term to use on sea) between Turkish and Greek Coast Guard vessels.

Being smaller the Greek boat has a higher degree of maneuverability but the Kaan 33 class, Turkish Coast Guard boat TCSG-308 was able to prevented the Greek Coast Guard boats coming to close to Turkish fishing boats.


Fishing Wars, Aegean Style

This video was taken on board of a Turkish fishing boat in Northern Aegean. The Kaan 33 class, Turkish Coast Guard boat TCSG-308 prevented the Greek Coast Guard boats coming to close to Turkish fishing boats. On sea, size does matter.



A New Photo Of Yonca Onuk Boats In Turkish Navy

P-142 TCG Yunus 2

P-142 TCG Yunus 2

Today I was lucky to see one of the two patrol boats constructed by Yonca Onuk shipyard for Turkish Navy. A photo of the other boat P-141 TCG Yunus 1 was made public in December 2012. This is her identical sister P-142 TCG Yunus 2.

The Turkish Coast Guard is the largest customer of the KAAN class boats in Turkey. The Turkish Navy surprisingly uses on four boats: Two for the infiltration of special forces teams and two for harbor patrol. I am even not sure if the two boats for special forces have a name. The patrol boats are given proper pennant numbers and names.

A Rare Photo Of Yonca Onuk Boats In Turkish Navy Service

This is the first photo of P-141 TCG(?) I have seen. Photo: Anadolu Ajansı via NTVMSNBC.

This is the first photo of P-141 TCG Yunus 1 I have seen. Photo: Anadolu Ajansı via NTVMSNBC.

The Turkish Coast Guard with at least 50 units is the biggest local user of fast patrol boats build by Yonca Onuk shipyard. The Turkish Navy recently started to commission boats of this shipyard. Two are used for the infiltration of special forces teams. There were reports that two more boats were bought by the Navy for base protection duties but these boats had a very low public profile.  Unlike her near sisters in Coast Guard service this craft is well armed with a 7.62 mm machine gun on a stabilized gun platform made by Aselsan.

Those Were The Days My Friend…

Syrian President Mr. Assad with Turkish President Mr. Gül (both with hats on) having one of those joyful days on board of Turkish coast guard vessel TCSG-303. Just two years ago, before the arrival of Arab Spring.


Today Turkish parliament authorized the deployment of troops for cross-border military action. And if you read the resolution carefully you will see that this authorization is not limited to the Syrian border. The Turkish government insists  that this one year-long mandate is not a declaration of war but it is intended as a deterrent. The mandate,  was passed by 320 votes in the 550-seat Turkish parliament.

Two years ago, before the arrival of the Arab Spring the Syrian President Assad was not a villain but a trusted business partner. The Turkish President Mr. Gül took him for a fast ride across the Bosphorus on a Turkish build coast guard vessel with the intentions of selling some of these boats to Syria without a doubt.

Now let’s sing all together:

…We thought they’d never end
We’d sing and dance forever and a day
We’d live the life we choose
We’d fight and never lose
For we were young and sure to have our way.
La la la la…
Those were the days, oh yes those were the days…




First Photos Of The Interceptor Craft Built For The Qatar Navy

Q42, one of the 3 MRTP 16 class interceptors Yonca Onuk Shipyard is building for Qatar Naval Forces, escorted by one MRTP 19 class boat of Turkish Coast Guard.

During the Dimdex 2012 maritime defence exhibition in Qatar, it was announced that the Turkish shipyard Yonca Onuk has signed a contract with Qatar Armed Forces. According to the contract Turkish shipyard is building 3 MRTP 16 class interceptors and 3 MRTP 34 class fast patrol boats for the Qatar Naval Forces. This is the second contract Yonca Onuk has signed in the Gulf Region. Their  first customer was the United Arab Emirates for 34 boats.

These are probably the first photos of the MRTP 16 class taken. The craft is not armed but there is a platform just at the aft end of the cabin where a remotely controlled stabilized gun mount can be installed.

Q42, one of the 3 MRTP 16 class interceptors Yonca Onuk Shipyard is building for Qatar Naval Forces.

Q42 from a different angle.

SG-23 TCSG 23. Turkish Coast Guard’s Kaan 19 class boat escorting the Qatari craft.

First Turkish Interceptor Delivered To Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency

Handover ceremony for the MMEA fast interceptors. Photo: Cabatli56 from

During the Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace (Lima) Exhibition 2011, on 5th December, the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) took delivery of three MRTP 16 class, fast interceptor craft  from BYO Marine Sdn Bhd with a ceremony.

The delivery was made to MMEA director-general Maritime Admiral Datuk Mohd Amdan Kurish and  was witnessed by Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin at the BYO Marine Shipyard.

The boats, named Penggalang 10, 11 and 12, will be used to  patrol the Straits of Malacca.  Aside from anti-smuggling and anti-piracy duties, the boats can also be used for search-and-rescue operations as well as pollution control.

The MMEA had ordered 10 MRTP 16 class interceptors, whose engines are capable of hitting a top speed of 60 knots. Each boat is armed with a 12.7mm Oto Melara Hitrole Gun and manned by four crew members.

The boats are been build at BYO Marine Shipyard, which is a joint-venture company between Boustead Heavy Industries Corporation Defence Technology of Malaysia and Turkish company, Yonca-Onuk JV

First Turkish Interceptor Delivered To Egyptian Navy

The first MRTP-20 for Egyptian Navy. Photo: Used with permission.

The first Yonca-Onuk build MRTP-20 class fast interceptor has been shipped to Egypt.

In 2010 the Yonca – Onuk and Egyptian Navy signed a deal for the procurement of 6 MRTP-20 class fast interceptor boats. Three boats will be constructed in Istanbul at Yonca-Onuk Shipyard and the others in Egypt’s Alexandria Naval Shipyard with technology transfer. Moreover, Yonca-Onuk  will provide all the material kits to be used during the construction in Alexandria.

The boats are equipped with ASELSAN’s STAMP, stabilized machine gun system. The scheduled delivery date for the final boat is December 2012. After, Georgia, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates and Malaysia; Egypt is  the fifth country to operate Turkish designed and build MRTP class boats.

The first MRTP-20 for Egyptian Navy. Photo: Used with permission.

The first MRTP-20 for Egyptian Navy. Photo: Used with permission.

>More Photos Of President Assad On Board TCSG-303


The website of the presidency of the Republic of Turkey published photos and a video of the ride of the two presidents on board TCSG-303.

According to the photos they seem to have enjoyed the ride very much.

In the video (the second from top) at  point 01:10 one unseen sailor announces the speed as “36 knots and increasing”. This is quite a speed to cruise in Bosphorus.

It is pity that TCSG-303 was not equipped with Stabilized Machine gun Platform (STAMP) like her sister TCSG-307. I believe the ride would be more impressive, if Turkish Coast Guard were able to show the performance of the STAMP too.

>Syria To Buy Turkish Coast Guard Boats?


On Sunday, after the sailing race has ended, suddenly five coast guard vessels dashed through the Bosphorus in very high speed, as if there was some kind of an emergency they have to rush to. After performing a few turns and other maneuvers in the middle of the strait, they have zoomed as fast as they have come, creating lots of waves.

Thankfully I was able to watch this unusual and unexpected performance from the resonant where my wife and I were having a late lunch. We were lucky not to get wet from the incoming waves. Needless to say I have taken lots of photos as well.

I had no clue that, during that time Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and Turkish president Abdullah Gül were personaly on board one of these vessels.

I have found this interesting video, shot at he same day, showing the presidents leaving the coast guard vessel TCSG-303. It seams as if they have enjoyed the ride. The man who stands on the left side of the Syrian president at the time of photo shootings is Mr. Onuk. He is one of the partners of the Yonca-Onuk shipyard that have built all these vessels for the Turkish coast guard.

If Turkish president takes his Syrian counterpart to a ride on a Turkish designed and built coast guard boat, it means that the contract negotiations have reached to a certain degree of maturity.

Syria very well may be the next export customer of Yonca-Onuk’s MRTP family of fast coast guard interception after Georgia, UAE, Pakistan and Malaysia.


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