TCG Erdek Participates In Spanish Minex


M-263 TCG Erdek.

The Engin class mine hunter of Turkish Navy, M-263 TCG Erdek is taking part in exercise Spanish Minex. Organised by Spanish Navy the exercise has started on today and will end on 22 September.

TCG Erdek is currently assigned to the Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group TWO (SNMCMG2).

These are advanced exercises taking place off the coast of Alicante and Cartagena, and whose main novelty with respect to previous years that are focused on response operations in crisis situations, in which time plays a crucial role.

This was stated at a press conference the captain and commander of the force navy Contraminas measures, Jaime Golmayo, leading the exercise, with the participation of NATO.

This exercise has a previous phase, which is currently underway, and is placed on the coast from Cabo de Palos to Torrevieja, around 65 artifacts that simulate the mines, and to be completely safe, with no explosive charge and harmless to the environment and marine life.

From 11 to 13 September will conduct a training phase and integration of forces engaged, and from 14 to 19 will be the tactical phase, in which all means will be used to search, locate, classify, identify and simulate neutralization of artifacts.

Among the exercises that will be conducted, one Golmayo highlighted neutralization drifting mines, more complex than in the case of mines at fixed points.

All operations are carried out in a fictional scenario in which a crisis occurs a country ruled by a dictatorship and democratic country.

Finally, on 21 and 22 September collecting all the artifacts that have been left in the area will be made, and will be used to clean the seabed of the used area.

In total will participate in exercises over 500 military Spain, Germany, France, Turkey, Greece, Belgium, Italy and the UK.

This is the list of the participating ships:

Number Name Nation Type
M-31 Segura Spain Mine hunter
M-33 Tambre Spain Mine hunter
M-34 Turia Spain Mine hunter
M-35 Duero Spain Mine hunter
M-36 Tajo Spain Mine hunter
S-73 Mistral Spain Submarine
A-52 Las Palmas Spain Research ship
P-78 Cazadora Spain Corvette
P-81 Toralla Spain Patrol boat
P-82 Formentor Spain Patrol boat
M-108 Grimsby UK Mine hunter
M-263 Erdek Turkey Mine hunter
M-1069 Homburg Germany Mine hunter
M-62 Evropi Greece Mine hunter
A-960 Godetia Belgium Mine hunter
F-583 Aviere Italy Frigate
M-647 Croix Du Sud France Mine hunter
M-646 Orion France Mine hunter
M-652 Céphee France Mine hunter
M-641 Eridan France Mine hunter
A-608 Var France Tanker

A Busy Day On Bosphorus


A589 TCG Işın. Photo: Yörük Işık. Used with permission.


M-262 TCG Enez. Photo: Yörük Işık. Used with permission.


M-264 TCG Erdemli. Photo: Yörük Işık. Used with permission.


M-266 TCG Amasra. Photo: Yörük Işık. Used with permission.


M-266 TCG Ayvalık. Photo: Yörük Işık. Used with permission.


M-268 TCG Akçakoca. Photo: Yörük Işık. Used with permission.


M-502 TCG Fatsa. Photo: Yörük Işık. Used with permission.


M-503 TCG Finike. Photo: Yörük Işık. Used with permission.


M-517 TCG Sapanca. Photo: Yörük Işık. Used with permission.


SG-88 TCSG-88. Photo: Yörük Işık. Used with permission.


SG-129 TCSG-129. Photo: Yörük Işık. Used with permission.


F-512 TCG Büyükada. Photo: Yörük Işık. Used with permission.

F-512 TCG Büyükada

F-512 TCG Büyükada. Photo: Alper Böler. Used with permission.


F-240 TCG Yavuz. Photo: Yörük Işık. Used with permission.

It was a very busy day on Bosphorus today. We have seen the northbound passage of 8 Turkish mine hunters / sweepers together with the corvette TCG Büyükada and support ship TCG Işın. The fleet was escorted by Coast Guard vessels TSCG-88 and TCSG-129. I assume that Turkish Navy is going to conduct a mine warfare exercise in the Black Sea.

The frigate TCG Yavuz made a southbound passage with the likely destination of Gölcük.

The Search For The Body Of Captain Nail Erdoğan Is Suspended

A-589 TCG Işın

A-589 TCG Işın. This old photo was taken on Bosphorus.

Turkish Navy stopped its search for the body of Turkish Air Force Captain Nail Erdoğan and the wreck of his plane a F-16D Fighting Falcon Block 40 of the 192nd Squadron with serial number 91-0023.

The pilot, Lieutenant Colonel Osman Çiçekli survived by using his ejection seat but Captain Nail Erdoğan died on 8 October 1996 when his F-16 D fighter plane crashed into the Aegean south of Samos island after a dog fight with Greek airplanes.

Turkish Navy was conducting a detailed search activity where the plane was assumed to have crashed. Aydın class mine hunters M-266 TCG Amasra and M-268 TCG Akçakoca, and the salvage ship A-589 TCG Işın were searching for the wreck of the plane since 14 April 2014, while fast attack craft P-341 TCG Martı provided escort.

The mine hunters cruised the search area for 614 hours. During this time they made sonar scans for 420 hours and used their PAP 104 Mk5 ROV’s for 19 hours. TCG Işın cruised for 260 hours and during this cruise she used her ROV for 48 hours. The divers on TCG Işın used the  ADS-1600 atmospheric diving suit for 19 hours.

During the deployment of these ships, 101 underwater contacts were investigated and most of them turned out to me geological objects. The few man-made object brought to surface was examined by Air Force experts and it was determined that these artifacts were not related to the missing plane.

According to a statement made by Turkish General Staff, the search has been finished at least for now until new information about the position of the airplane surfaces.

Turkish Navy Destroys 20 Sea Mines


A mine, laying on the sea floor, seen through the camera of a ROV. Photo: Official Turkish Navy photo.

Turkish Navy announced today that 20 mines from World War 1 and World War 2 has been found in Northern and Central Aegean and destroyed by Turkish mine hunters.

These mines were destroyed in two separate occasions, on 30 November – 1 December 2013 and on 13 – 15 January 2014.

Every year, mines from World War 1 and World War 2, either wash up to shore, get tangled in the nets of the fishermen or found by divers and get destroyed. Mines, whether buried under dirt or lurking in the deeps of the seas are in my humble view are the most loathsome weapons as they can be still deadly after decades.


Photo: Official Turkish Navy photo


Photo: Official Turkish Navy photo


Nusret 2013 Mine Warfare Exercise Starts Today

The Nusret 2013 mine warfare exercise organised by Turkish Navy starts today in Çanakkale.

The exercise will end on 1 December 2013 and will be conducted in Saros Bay, east of Gallipoli peninsula.

According to Turkish Navy foreign participants are NATO mine warfare task force SNMCMG-2 and 1 mine hunter from Greece. From Turkish Navy one frigate, 4 mine hunters, 3 mine sweepers, 1 mine layer, 2 patrol boats, 1 mine retriever, 1 helicopter and one EOD team will participate. 3 patrol boats from the Turkish Coast Guards and planes from Turkish Air Force will also take part in the exercise.

NATO SNMCMG-2 In The Black Sea


The German tender A-512 FGS Mosel. The flagship of NATO SNMCMG-2.


M-264 TCG Erdemli. The Turkish contribution to SNMCMG-2.


M-1061 FGS Rottweil. The German contribution to SNMCMG-2.

Two German and one Turkish warship created a were in Istanbul for the weekend.

The three ships of the NATO Mine Countermeasures Group 2, A-512 FGS Mosel, M-264 TCG Erdemli, and M-1061 FGS Rottweil, arrived in Istanbul on 23 August 2013 Friday and left on 26 August 2013.

According to the official web page of SNMCMG-2 there should be a fourth ship: HMS Ledbury, but she was not is Istanbul. NATO is notoriously bad at updating these pages.

The task force is currently in the Black Sea. I would appreciate any information about their destination.

NATO SNMCMG-2 In Albania (Part 2)

M-260 TCG Erdemli, arriving in Vlores, Albania.

M-260 TCG Erdemli, arriving in Vlores, Albania. Photo: Albanian Armed Forces.

The Albanian Armed Forces is providing information about the SNMCMG-2 visit to this country:

Today, on 06.07.2013 at 08:00 in the Sea Port of Vlora arrived ready group of NATO minesweeper, SNMCMG 2. Ready Group of the NATO minesweeper, SNMCMG2, composed of ships “HMS LEDBURY”, “TCG EDINCIK” and “ITS Crotone” between 7 to 10 June 2013 is conducting a port visit in Port of Vlora, in compliance Support Plan for NATO Integration (ISP) for 2013. The purpose of this visit is to familiarize the exchange of experiences and the development of a joint naval exercise “PASSEX” Naval Flotilla boats, Pashaliman, Vlora.

This exercise serves to increase the professionalism of the personnel of the Naval Force ships, and enhances interoperability of our vessels under joint development of naval operations to NATO. This exercise which will take place on the last day of stay shipping group willing to NATO, SNMCMG2 the Port of Vlora.

NATO SNMCMG-2 In Albania

NATO’s mine counter measures group SNMCMG-2 Arrived in Vlores, Albania on 7 June 2013 for a 4 day visit.

Three NATO SNMCMG2 Mine Counter-measuring Ships have anchored on Friday morning in the port of Valona.

Official sources from the Albanian Ministry of Defense confirmed that these ships will stay on this port for 4 days, from June 7 until June 10, 2013.

The Ministry of Defense said that this visit is held on the framework of the support plan for integration in the NATO and its scope is to offer knowledge on the standard operational sea procedures.

After the anchoring of the ships in the port of Valona, commanders of these ships have visited the Command of the Sea Fleet in Pashaliman to hold a meeting with commander, First Captain Subi Zenelaj. /ibna/

In the task force are the Turkish mine hunter M-260 TCG Edincik, the Italian mine hunter 5558 ITS Crotone and one unidentified Royal Navy warship.

This an Albanian news clip about the SNMCMG-2 visit.

And this is an Albanian news article about the visit.

TCG Alanya Takes Part In Spanish Minex-13

M-266 TCG Amasra. She is identical to TCG Alanya taking part in Minex '13 in Spain.

M-266 TCG Amasra. She is identical to TCG Alanya taking part in Minex ’13 in Spain.

A large mine warfare exercise organised by Spanish Navy has started off the coast of Cartagena and Alicante.

The ‘Spanish Minex-13′ is an advanced exercise Naval War Mine Action organized annually by the Spanish Armada in order to implement common procedures for defense against the threat of naval mines.

Among the participants to this exercise are NATO’s SNMCMG-2 and EU’s Euromarfor, along with many units from Spanish Armada.

The exercise will last till 26th April 2013. Turkish Aydın class mine hunter TCG Alanya is taking part in this exercise as a member of SNMCMG-2.

The exercise is led by the Commander of the Force Mine Action, Captain Juan Jose Fernandez Garcia, who will command the more than 500 soldiers of the Spanish Armada and France, Turkey and United Kingdom.

The mines used in the ‘Spanish Minex-13′ are simulated submarine artifacts completely harmless and safe for the environment, which will be collected at the end of exercise. As usual in this type of maneuver, it will take the opportunity to make a clean seabed area exercises.

This is the list of participating naval units to this exercise. More info is always welcomed.

S-71 SPS Galerna Submarine Spain
P-77 SPS Infanta Cristina Frigate Spain
P-81 SPS Torella Patrol craft Spain
P-82 SPS Formentor Patrol craft Spain
M-31 SPS Segura Mine hunter Spain
M-32 SPS Sella Mine hunter Spain
M-35 SPS Duero Mine hunter Spain
M-36 SPS Tajo Mine hunter Spain
A-101M-31 SPS Mar Caribe Logistic support ship Spain
M-653 FS Capricorne Mine hunter France
M-31 HMS Cattistock Mine hunter UK
M-265 TCG Alanya Mine hunter Turkey

Update On Nusret 12 And Mavi Balina 12 Exercises

The Mavi Balina 12 anti submarine warfare and Nusret 12 mine warfare exercises are continuing. The former is conducted in Eastern Mediterranean while the later is in Aegean Sea. My list of the order of battle for both exercises is still incomplete but I was able to get some help.

First I have received this photo. I thank my reader Mr Yıldırım for this photo.

A the superstructure of a sixth warship is visible at the right part of the photo. I am not able to tell exactly ship that is but I am confident that she is one of the two Rhein class tenders / training ships of the Turkish Navy A-577 TCG Sokullu Mehmet Paşa or A-579 TCG Cezayirli Hasan Paşa. TCG Sokullu Mehmet Paşa acted as the flagship of SNMCMG-2 earlier this year when the Turkish Navy was commanding the task force.

 Number Name Type Country
M-500 TCG Foça Mine Sweeper Turkey
M-501 TCG Fethiye Mine Sweeper Turkey
M-516 TCG Sığacık Mine Sweeper Turkey
M-1064 FGS Grömitz Mine Hunter Germany
M-5559 ITS Viareggo Mine Hunter Italy
M-111 HMS Blyth Mine Hunter UK
M-276 TCG Ayvalık Mine Hunter Turkey
A-57X TCG Unidentified Tender Turkey
M-61 HS Evniki Mine Hunter Greece

Second I have received this comment. I thank my reader Herr Leif for this information.

 Number Name Type Country
F-217 FGS Bayern Frigate Germany
F-570 ITS Maestrale Frigate Italy
F-495 TCG Gediz Frigate Turkey
DDG-98 USS Forrest Sherman Destroyer USA
F-252 PNS Shamsheer Frigate Pakistan
F-244  TCG Barbaros Frigate Turkey
Unidentified Turkey
Unidentified Turkey
S- Unidentified Submarine Turkey
S- Unidentified Submarine Turkey
S- Unidentified Submarine Turkey

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