TCG Büyükada Sets Sail For Indian Ocean


It will be spring when they return.


Today, on a sunny winter day, with a solemn ceremony the Ada class corvette F-512 TCG Büyükada set sail to the Indian Ocean.

On board are one S-72B Seahawk helicopter, tail number TCB-69, one naval special forces team and 124 sailors.

During this 87 day deployment, TCG Büyükada will join the task force CTF-151 and conduct anti-piracy patrols in Gulf of Aden and off the coast of Somalia.

The warship will participate Pakistani led naval exercise AMAN 2015 and Kuwaiti exercise Eagles 2015.

With this deployment of TCG Büyükada, Turkey wants to increase its presence in the region and develop good working relationship with local navies. Another obvious aim of the deployment is to present and show the Ada class corvette to other navies planning of purchasing similar warships. Showing the flag, increasing the presence and bolstering defence export opportunities are classic usage of naval forces.

The corvette is expected to arrive back in Turkey on 15 April 2015.
More photos from the farewell ceremony:


The executive officer of TCG Büyükada, Lieutenant Commander Toker, with his family.


TCG Büyükada ready for the deployment.


The crew of TCG Büyükada waiting for the order to man the ship.


The commanding officer of TCG Büyükada, Lieutenant Commander Baysal delivering his speech.


The commanding officer of TCG Büyükada, Lieutenant Commander Baysal




TCG Göksu Joins CTF-151


The Turkish Navy announced that, the Gabya class Frigate F-497 TCG Göksu will take part in Joint Task Force-151 (CTF-151) between 6 June and 6 December 2013.

On 6 June 2013, on board of TCG Göksu was command hand over ceremony of CTF-151. Real Admiral Muhammad Ihsan Qadir from Pakistani Navy, replaced Read Admiral Giam Hock Koon from Singapore Navy.

TCG Göksu will serve as the flagship for Real Admiral Muhammad Ihsan Qadir in the next 3 months.



>TCG Gemlik Is Comming Home

>F-492 TCG Gemlik, Turkish contribution to CTF-151 is returning to her home port Aksaz on 24th April 2010.

She had left her home port to relieve TCG Gökova in Gulf of Aden, in early February.

Currently TCG Gelibolu is the only Turkish warship in the Indian Ocean.

>More On TCG Gemlik’s Actions

>Here is an official version of F-496 TCG Gemlik‘s action of 20th February.

This part, I found most interesting and disturbing:

Although no piracy-related material was found on board the skiff, the quick action by Gemlik prevented an attack from occurring. Twenty three fuel barrels were found on board. One of the two outboard motors was dismantled. The skiff was subsequently released and instructed to head back to the Somali Coast.

>TCG Gemlik Prevents An Attact


The current Turkish contribution to CTF-151, F-492 TCG Gemlik prevented a pirate attack to a Japanese vessel on 20 February 2010.

The naval Special Forces on board of TCG Gemlik intercepted a skiff with 7 pirates on board thus thwarting a attack to Japanese owned and Panama flagged M/V APL Finland.

According to Turkish General Staff webpage, the ship was inside IRTC 100 nautical miles off the shore.

With this latest arrest, the total of captured pirates by Turkish Navy increased to 42.

>TCG Gökova Is Comming Home

>F-496 TCG Gökova will arrive at her Homeport, Gölcük on 17 February 2010.

She was in Gulf of Aden since September 2009.

>Turkish Navy To Continue Anti-piracy Operations (Updated)

>As predicted the parliament accepted the motion submitted by the government, to extend the presence of Turkish warships in Gulf of Aden for one year.

So the government has the parliament’s approval to send warships to Gulf of Aden and the adjoining seas till 10 February 2011.

Yesterday TCG Gemlik and TCG Gökova should have meet in Djibouti in order to exchange information, anecdotes, and mail. No official press release from the Navy yet.

>TCG Gemlik Is Off To Somalia

> F-492 TCG Gemlik left her homeport Aksaz Naval Base to relieve TCG Gökova in Gulf of Aden. Both ships will meet in Djibouti on 8 February. They will exchange information, stories and the mission. When they depart TCG Gökova will sail home and TCG Gemlik will sail to south. She will stay in the region till end of April as a part of CTF-151.

TCG Gökova is in Gulf of Aden since September 2009. She helped the arrest of 6 pirates in January 2010.

I wish both ships calm winds and following seas

Photos are from Hürriyet. Click here for more.

>Turkish Navy To Continue Anti-piracy Operations

>Turkish government submitted a motion to the Parliament, to extend the presence of Turkish warships in Gulf of Aden for one year.

Last year in early February, Parliament approved the government’s wish about sending a warship to Gulf of Aden and adjacent waters, in order to, participate the multinational efforts of anti-piracy. But duration of that mandate was limited to one year.

The motion to extend the precense of Turkish armed forces in the region, will be voted on 2 February 2010.

I do not expect any surprises and I think it is almost certain that this motion will be accepted.

>TCG Gemlik to relieve TCG Gökova in CTF-151

>The Perry class (locally known as G class) frigate, F-492 TCG Gemlik will replace F-496 TCG Gökova currently serving in CTF-151.

TCG Gemlik will set sail on 1 February 2010 from Aksaz Naval Base. She will the fifth frigate to be send to Gulf of Aden. The others were TCG Giresun, TCG Gaziantep, TCG Gediz and TCG Gökova.

TCG Gemlik was the first ship to receive GENESIS modernization package.


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