ATILAY CLASS (209 Type 1200)

S-347 ATILAY 23 Sep 1974 12 Mar 1976
S-349 BATIRAY 24 Sep 1977 7 Nov 1978
S-350 YILDIRAY 20 July 1979 20 June 1981
S-351 DOĞANAY 16 Nov 1983 16 Nov 1984
S-352 DOLUNAY 22 July 1988 29 July 1989

S3XX (3)

Displacement: 1185 tons dived
Dimensions: 55,9 x 6.2 x 5.5 meters
Speed, Range: 11 knots, 7500 at 8 kts (surfaced)
Crew: 38 (9 officers)

Torpedoes: 14 x AEG SST 4; Mk-37; Mk-23
8 – 533mm tubes

Radars: S 63B, surface search
Sonars: CSU-3 passive / active search and attack

TCG Yıldıray, TCG Doğanay, and TCG Dolunay are the first modern submarines build in Turkey. The others were build in Germany. The electronic systems have been modernized.

In March 2011 a new modernization project for the Ay class has started. According to the plan the newest two boats, TCG Doğanay and TCG Dolunay were to receive an extensive modernization. The periscope, ESM / ECM and communication system of the existing boats would be upgraded. In order to keep costs down a modern purpose-built Underwater Command and Control System integration was not planned. These old boats are going to get some might punch though. It is planned to modify four of the torpedo tubes so that they can use Mk48 ADCAP Mod6 AT heavy weight torpedoes.

TCG Saldıray was decommissioned on 14 November 2014.


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