P-321 DENİZKUŞU 15 Jun 1977
P-322 ATMACA 28 Jul 1978
P-323 ŞAHİN 19 Jul 1979
P-324 KARTAL 25 Jul 1981
P-326 PELİKAN 17 Dec 1984
P-327 ALBATROS 7 Feb 1986
P-328 ŞİMŞEK 22 Jul 1988
P-329 KASIRGA 23 Oct 1988
Displacement: 190 tons full load
Dimensions: 42.5 x 7 x 2.4 metres
Speed, Range: 42 knots, 500 miles at 40 kts.
Crew: 39 (4 officers)Weapons:
Guns: 2 x 40mm/90 Bofors
Missiles: 2 x Penguin Mk2 SSM
Torpedoes: 2 x 533mm single launcher for G-7ASensors:
Radars: 1226, navigation

All build in Germany based on the Zobel class used by the German Navy. Can carry up to 4 mines.Their keel is made from light metal and have a wooden planking and aluminum superstructure.

P-325 TCG Meltem was lost in a collision with the Russian training ship Khasan on 25th September 1985. She was later salvaged and scrapped.

Although these boats are getting old they are still in service because they very fast and very hard to detect.


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