Nusret 2014 Mine Warfare Exercise Starts Tomorrow


The ships of the SNMCMG-2 have arrived in İzmir. Photo: NATO, MARCOM.

Turkish Navy led mine warfare exercise Nusret 2014 will start on 21 November in İzmir. The exercise will be held in Bay of İzmir and will end on 30 November.

The aim of the exercise is to provide training for the planning and execution of mine warfare and to improve the interoperability in mine warfare, between warships from different countries participated

The below is the list of the participating warships as far as I could identify:

F-511 TCG Heybeliada Corvette Turkey
M- TCG X Mine Hunter Turkey
M- TCG X Mine Hunter Turkey
M- TCG X Mine Hunter Turkey
M- TCG X Mine Hunter Turkey
M- TCG X Mine Sweeper Turkey
M- TCG X Mine Sweeper Turkey
M- TCG X Mine Sweeper Turkey
A-57X TCG X Tender Turkey
P-X TCG X Patrol boat Turkey
F-583 ITS Aviere Frigate Italy
M-62 HS Evropi Mine Hunter Greece
M-263 TCG Erdek Mine Hunter Turkey
M-108 HMS Grimsby Mine Hunter UK
M-1069 FGS Homburg Mine Hunter Germany
63 BGS Priboy Mine Sweeper Bulgaria

Breeze 2014 Naval Exercise

The Bulgarian Navy is hosting a nine day long naval exercise Breeze 2014.

The military exercise is to be held in the Western section of the Black Sea and is aimed at improving the tactical compatibility and collaboration among naval forces of the alliance’s member states.

Bulgaria’s port city of Burgas has peen picked to host the staff of the drills.

While Breeze 2014 is taking place, the staff of the Bulgarian Naval Forces will be certified for conformity of the level of planning independent operations to NATO criteria, according to the website, specialized in defense issues.

The exercise, which ends July 13, starts amid stepped-up presence of alliance forces in the Black Sea over the Ukraine crisis and Russia’s decision to incorporate the Crimean peninsula in March this year. 

According to the information I have the following ships are taking part in the exercise:

 Number Name Type Country
F-582 ITS Aviere Frigate Italy
5561 ITS Rimini Mine Hunter Italy
M-37 HSM Chiddingfold Mine Hunter UK
M-270 TCG Akçay Mine Hunter Turkey
P-266 HS Machitis Patrol Craft Greece
S-352 TCG Dolunay Submarine Turkey
P-332 TCG Mızrak Fast Attack Craft Turkey
P-1200 TCG Tuzla Patrol Craft Turkey

As always I will appreciate any additional information about the participants.

Here is a nice video showing the arrival of the NATO SNMCMG-2 ships to Burgas.

The Participants Of Brilliant Mariner 2013

One of the NATO’s largest exercise Brilliant Mariner 2013 is continuing in the Mediterranean.

The exercise, which will end on 6 October 2013, will take place in the Tyrrhenian Sea between Sicily and Sardinia.

Over five thousand military and naval personnel from 12 NATO nations comprising Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany , Italy, Latvia, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States will participate in this major annual exercise.

25 warships, including one aircraft carrier, 12 frigates, one amphibious warfare ship, one auxiliary ship and 7 mines countermeasures vessels will be involved, alongside a wide variety of aircraft, submarines and embarked marines. Two submarines and a Maritime Patrol Aircraft will also take part.

I was able to compile the most of the participating ships with the help of Russian radio scanners:

Number Name Type Country
C-550 ITS Cavour Aircraft Carrier Italy
D-554 ITS Caio Duilio Destroyer Italy
D-561 ITS Francesco Mimbelli Destroyer Italy
F-571 ITS Grecale Frigate Italy
F-574 ITS Aliseo Frigate Italy
F-576 ITS Espero Frigate Italy
F-557 ITS Fenice Corvette Italy
P-490 ITS Comandante Cigala Fulgosi OPV Italy
P-493 ITS Comandante Foscari OPV Italy
L-9893 ITS San Marco LPD Italy
A-5327 ITS Stromboli Tanker Italy
F-103 ESPS Blas De Lezo Frigate Spain
F-246 TCG Salihreis Frigate Turkey
F-219 FGS Sachsen Frigate Germany
F-218 FGS Meclenburg- Vorpommern Frigate Germany
S-522 ITS Salvatore Pelosi Submarine Italy
S-358 TCG Çanakkale Submarine Turkey
A-512 FGS Mosel Tender Germany
M-1061 FGS Rottweil Mine hunter Germany
M-264 TCG Erdemli Mine hunter Turkey
5558 ITS Crotone Mine hunter Italy
5552 ITS Milazzo Mine hunter Italy

Any additions and corrections are most welcome.

Brilliant Mariner 2013


The map of the exercise area of the Brilliant Mariner 2013. Photo: Mamadu from

Between 26 September and 6 October 2013, a large fleet of warships from NATO’s Response Force (NRF) and from other task forces will take part in Brilliant Mariner 2013 maritime exercise in the Mediterranean Sea.

According to Turkish Navy F-246 the frigate TCG Salihreis, the mine hunter M-264 TCG Erdemli and the submarine S-358 TCG Çanakkale are going to take part in this exercise.

TCG Salihreis is the Turkish contribution to the NATO’s SNMG-2 task force and TCG Erdemli is part of the NATO’s SNMCMG-2. This means that the Gür class submarine TCG Çanakkale, is the only Turkish national participant to the exercise.



Sea Breeze 2013 Naval Exercise

P-334 TCG Meltem.

P-334 TCG Meltem.

While the Breeze 2013 naval exercise has started in Bulgaria, Ukraine is hosting the Sea Breeze 2013 naval exercise. The choise of names and the timing makes it very easy to confuse the two exercises. The Sea Breeze 2013 starts today and will end on 20 July 2013.

Germany, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Romania, Turkey, Canada, Italy and Bulgaria will take part in the exercise.

It is not a coincidence that the two exercise are running almost simultaneously as the non Black Sea participants of these exercises such as the Spanish Frigate F-103 Blas De Lezo and the Greek fast attack boat P-263 Aittios may only stay in the Black Sea for a limited amount of days. Therefore it was necessary to organize the two exercises near simultaneously.

For those who like to create conspiracy theories the simultaneous start of two naval exercise in The Black Sea might be seen as the NATO’s response to Russian actions in the Med.

In the first day of activity of the conference around 70 military officers from countries-members worked out issues of planning forces during the training and started planning operation. In particular, it was determined that from Ukrainian side divisions and subdivisions of all groups of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will take part in the exercise. In general, it will be exercised in See Breeze-2013 interaction of over 20 ships and vessels, around 15 planes and helicopters, united brigade of marine corps, subdivisions of special units and search and rescue forces etc.

“The peculiar attention in planning of the following Sea Breeze is paid to cooperation with forces of the State Service for Emergency Situations of Ukraine which in 2013 will exercise for the first time,” told co-director of exercise of the Ukrainian part, Capitan of 1 rank Ihor Teryohin.

It should be noted that Sea Breeze-2013 exercise is targeting holding maritime security operations with the emphasis on evacuation measures. The participants of the maneuvers will exercise a series of joint trainings in liquidation of consequences of natural disaster and man-made accidents and also improve skills of interaction in the course of humanitarian actions directed to keeping security among civil population.

I was able to identify 5 of the 15 warships mentioned above.

TCG Salihreis
Blas De Lezo
 Spain Frigate
P-334 TCG Meltem Turkey Fast Attack Craft
A-572 TCG Yzb. İhsan Tulunay Turkey Tanker
P-24 Sukhumi Georgia Patrol Boat

Any additional information about the participating units is as always welcomed.

More On Breeze 2013 Naval Exercise

The Breeze 2013 Naval Exercise -not to be confused with the Sea Breeze 2013 naval exercise hosted by Ukraine- has started in Varna Bulgaria.

In the period July 6-15 the international Breeze 2013 naval drill will take place in the western part of the Black Sea. Over 15 different vessels, helicopters and planes take part in the exercise. Ships from Spain, Turkey, Greece, as well as a US P-3C Orion plane will take part in the exercise. Improving coordination is one of the tasks of the exercise, which also aims at preparing teams for working in joint international operations in cases of crises.

According to Turkish Naval Forces and Bulgarian Defence Ministry following warships will participate to the exercise:

TCG Salihreis
Blas De Lezo
 Spain Frigate
Fast Attack Craft
TCG 1. İnönü
TCG Bora
Fast Attack Craft
TCG Sığacık
Mine Sweeper
F-42 Verni Bulgaria Frigate

Efes 2013 Exercise

Turkish naval and airborne units are moving towards the beachhead.

Turkish naval and airborne units are moving towards the beachhead.

Turkish Navy in cooperation with Turkish Army and Air Force conducted the Efes 2013 military exercise in annex to the Deniz Kurdu 2013 naval exercise.

The annual Efes exercise is always about making a forces entry to the enemy territory from the sea and from the air. This year the scenario was the same. Turkish naval units transported naval infantry units to the beaches while the air force conducted airstrikes and army helicopters provided lift and close air support.

As far as I can see, most of the new type LCT‘s of the navy which are among the fastest.

Click here for the photos.


New LST’s with an old M-113. Photo:





Turkey Conducted Anadolu Yıldızı Serach And Rescue Exercise


AS 532AL Cougar helicopter of Turkish Air Force hoists the rescue swimmer and the simulated victim out of the water

Today the Turkish Navy also conducted a search and rescue exercise, in the international waters and airspace between Lesbos and Chios in the Aegean.

According to AA news agency the F-245 TCG Oruçreis  frigate, one corvette, two patrol boats, two coasts guard vessels and numerous air units have participated in the exercise. On board of TCG Oruçreis were 40 military attaches from 22 nations as observers.

The land part of the exercise will be conducted on 19 April 2013.

Here is the Google translation of a news article about the exercise.

Land Forces Command and Control Division Director Colonel Ramadan, Erdogan administration within the framework of the host’s House briefing Press Information Center, which serve as search and rescue activities in a race against time, must have good organization and staff, he said.

Erdogan, “the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK), the Presidency of the Turkish General Staff in search and rescue co-ordination center, which is formed on the search and rescue search and rescue search and rescue co-ordination centers and rescue all kinds of associations working in the organization to respond to the request has a 24-hour,” he said.

Turkey Since 2006, satellite-assisted search and rescue system

(COSPAS-SARSAT) Pointing out that the country of the service provider Erdogan, the Turkish Armed Forces search and rescue elements, Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ministry Main Search and Rescue Coordination Centre (AECC) to do the exercise with the participation of the Turkish search and rescue region, including the Aegean Sea on Thursday, April 18 international waters and airspace between Lesbos and Chios Islands, to be held on April 19 in the Smoky Mountain town of Izmir Menemen said.

And here is a link to a good video of the exercise:

The Situation In The Eastern Mediterranean (Part 8)

D-615 FS jean Bart with a Cypriot helicopter. From last years exercise. Photo: Cypriot Defence Ministry

D-615 FS Jean Bart with a Cypriot helicopter. From last years exercise. Photo: Cypriot Defence Ministry

The Russian ship movements have stolen the show from the actions in Eastern Mediterranean. So it is time again to focus to that region.

Today between 9.00 and 13:00 the French Navy conducted a search and rescue exercise with Cyprus. The Cassard class, destroyer D-615 FS Jean Bart took part in the exercise. From Cyprus two AW -139 helicopters of the National Guard and the Police as well as a Navy vessel and a patrol boat have taken part, including the medical unit of the Larnaca Civil Defence rescue team, according to Farmagusta Gazette.

The French destroyer is scheduled to conduct a port visit in Novorossiysk from 23 to 26 April. Thus I believe she is heading north as you are reading this post.

I didn’t realized that Jean Bart went through a modernization process similar to Turkish MEKO 200 class frigates. The original French radar DRBJ 11B was replaced by 3D Smart-S Mk2.

Next week there will be another search and rescue exercise roughly in the same area.

The Ministry of Defense in Cyprus announced that in the context of the cooperation between the Republic of Cyprus and the State of Israel in matters of search and rescue within the Exclusive Economic Zone and the areas of responsibility for search and rescue of the two countries, a joint search and rescue exercise will take place on April 23.

The exercise will be carried out in a marine area southwest of the Cypriot city of Limassol.

On the Cypriot side, patrol vessels of the Cyprus Port and Marine Police and of the Cyprus Navy, search and rescue helicopters of the Police and the Aviation of Cyprus, as well as the Medical Rescue Teams of the Cyprus Civil Defense and of the Medical and Nursing Services will participate in the exercise.

On the side of Israel, five ships of the Israeli Navy will participate in the exercise.

The exercise has been planned by a joint design team and is coordinated by the Search and Rescue Center in Larnaca, in cooperation with its counterpart in Haifa

I am glad to see that despite the recent economical troubles,  Cyprus can find  the needed resources to conduct these exercises. 

TCG Alanya Takes Part In Spanish Minex-13

M-266 TCG Amasra. She is identical to TCG Alanya taking part in Minex '13 in Spain.

M-266 TCG Amasra. She is identical to TCG Alanya taking part in Minex ’13 in Spain.

A large mine warfare exercise organised by Spanish Navy has started off the coast of Cartagena and Alicante.

The ‘Spanish Minex-13′ is an advanced exercise Naval War Mine Action organized annually by the Spanish Armada in order to implement common procedures for defense against the threat of naval mines.

Among the participants to this exercise are NATO’s SNMCMG-2 and EU’s Euromarfor, along with many units from Spanish Armada.

The exercise will last till 26th April 2013. Turkish Aydın class mine hunter TCG Alanya is taking part in this exercise as a member of SNMCMG-2.

The exercise is led by the Commander of the Force Mine Action, Captain Juan Jose Fernandez Garcia, who will command the more than 500 soldiers of the Spanish Armada and France, Turkey and United Kingdom.

The mines used in the ‘Spanish Minex-13′ are simulated submarine artifacts completely harmless and safe for the environment, which will be collected at the end of exercise. As usual in this type of maneuver, it will take the opportunity to make a clean seabed area exercises.

This is the list of participating naval units to this exercise. More info is always welcomed.

S-71 SPS Galerna Submarine Spain
P-77 SPS Infanta Cristina Frigate Spain
P-81 SPS Torella Patrol craft Spain
P-82 SPS Formentor Patrol craft Spain
M-31 SPS Segura Mine hunter Spain
M-32 SPS Sella Mine hunter Spain
M-35 SPS Duero Mine hunter Spain
M-36 SPS Tajo Mine hunter Spain
A-101M-31 SPS Mar Caribe Logistic support ship Spain
M-653 FS Capricorne Mine hunter France
M-31 HMS Cattistock Mine hunter UK
M-265 TCG Alanya Mine hunter Turkey

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